“Bumble For Co-Founders”: Meet The Team Helping You Build Your Perfect Team

James Oliver, Jr. is ready to make a ‘buzz’ in the startup world by playing matchmaker. 

Kabila, which Oliver describes as “Bumble for co-founders,” is about helping entrepreneurs find their perfect co-founder match for a budding idea. 

“The main thing is to bring people together to get the conversation started and to give them the tools that they need to build a sustainable relationship. Because let’s face it, finding a co-founder is hard. It’s like trying to find a spouse,” he added. 

The data supports that statement. Co-founder conflicts are high on the list of reasons why startups and small businesses fail in the early stages. CBInsights reports that upwards of 14% of startups fail because of team disharmony. 

The app connects co-founders, regardless of technical background, and helps to bring more people of diverse backgrounds into executive positions at startups. 

On top of the tech component of the app, Kabila is looking to build a community for up-and-coming founders. Oliver and the team is launching Kabila Conversations, a series bringing together thought leaders and is providing key resources to underrepresented founders.  

Joining Oliver are co-founders Marcela Hall and Caleb Martinez



Kabila has also caught the attention of Techstars. The team is part of the new Techstars Austin cohort, which kicked off this week with founders from across the country. Joining Kabila and representing the Southeast in the cohort is Charlotte-based PettyGigs and Coral Gables-based Leadvolt Corp.

The team is focused on getting ready to launch the app and begin building up the community side of the platform. 

The community is currently free to join. Those looking to “meet” the co-founders virtually can join on September 16th for an AMA on what it is like to go through the Techstars program.