New EdTech Platform Looks To Be “One Stop” Shop For Busy Parents

Attention parents juggling school work deadlines, after school activities, and family obligations (AKA, every parent out there), Joshua Tutu has built a platform just for you. 

Involvvely, an Atlanta-based platform and mobile app, is a “One Stop Parents and Educators Resource.” 

Whether ensuring assignments get completed, getting each kid to after-school assignments, tracking a child’s mood, or finding a tutor, Involvvely is designed to help with all aspects of parenting and childcare. It is also designed as an all-in-one place for parents who traditionally have been juggling different Facebook groups, school websites, and tutoring portals day in and day out. 

But it is much more than a task manager platform, says Tutu. Instead, it looks to build a proactive community to assist parents. Homeschooling parents can look for curriculum help and single parents can find a streamlined organization tool to keep up with academic administrators. 

It is also about addressing education equity. Not only can parents see how curriculum is taught in different school districts, it also helps neurodiverse students better engage with their school communities. 


Building Community 

Part of Involvvely is about creating a family tree of sorts, in which different members of the family join and can be assigned different child caregiving tasks – be it picking up a daughter from soccer or checking in on a son’s upcoming science class assignment. 

Building Involvvely is personal for Tutu, a teacher-turned-data engineer who is building his company at ATDC. 

He saw his mom struggle with this parental balancing act while growing up in Nigeria, and witnessed the same thing with friends and family members when he moved to the States. The problem, he explained, is that the information parents need to manage all of their children’s activities live in disparate places. 

While speaking to parents, particularly those who have chosen the homeschool route, he realized that most parents “feel alone” because of the lack of resources. 

Getting Involved with local EdTech 

Involvvely recently released its beta version for parents and school administrators as it begin its pre-seed fundraising efforts. 

The startup is also looking to rally the local educational-focused technology scene. The Involvvely team, alongside other EdTech leaders and investors across Atlanta, will gather at ATDC (The Advanced Technology Development Center) on Monday, February 20th for an afternoon summit.