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GT biomedical engineering grad launches first consumer product during World Contraception Day

by Maija Ehlinger

Sammie Hasen’s passion for entrepreneurship and consumer products started well before joining Georgia Tech’s accelerator Create-X.

As an “idea maker,” Hasen said she dabbled in entrepreneurship with a t-shirt brand early in her early teens before heading to Georgia Tech to study biomedical engineering. 

While at tech, Hasen found her passion for feminine technology, menstrual products, and sexual wellness products but recognized one critical flaw: The space lacked women and ‘uterus owners’ in decision-making positions. “I was frustrated to see that the people designing these products had absolutely zero chance of ever using them…they didn’t know these characteristic design flaws that any user would know, and they were just building products that weren’t working,” Hasen told Hypepotamus. 

She launched Medsur as a college sophomore and started working on its first consumer-facing product, BCase, in May of 2020. 


Building up BCase

The idea behind BCase came from a clear opportunity Hasen heard when interviewing ‘uterus owners.’ Many forgot to take a birth control pill because it was not accessible when a reminder alarm went off. “So once I realized that it was really clear to me that the birth control should be attached to the phone alarm, since you always have your phone on you.” 

That convenience factor, Hasen said, is what differentiates the startup from others in the space.

Having gone through Create-X, competing in Georgia Tech’s InVenture Prize, and putting out a Kickstarter campaign in March, the product is making its official launch this week in New York during World Contraception Day celebrations. 

To mark the day, D2C women’s telehealth company The Pill Club is placing a uterus-adorned vending machine in the heart of NYC, on the corner of Houston & Lafayette. BCase will be one of a few featured FemTech brands, including Atlanta-based The Honey Pot Company

The team has largely relied on bootstrapping, crowdfunding, and a small friends and family round to start. 



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