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With 3rd Acquisition In 12 Months, Terminus Expands Predictive AI Capabilities For B2B Marketers

by Maija Ehlinger

Lookalike audience technology has come to shape nearly every part of our digital lives. Whether it’s Netflix recommending our next binge-worthy TV series or Instagram serving us an ad for a clothing line we might like, predictive AI based on past buying or viewing behavior is a key way brands reach new customers.

But B2B marketers trying to land their next big sales opportunity have largely not harnessed this new capability. But Atlanta-based Terminus, known for building a robust account-based marketing platform, believes its latest acquisition will bring the power of predictive AI into the B2B space.

Terminus has announced it is acquiring GrowFlare, a California-based innovative psychographic account profiling startup.

“We founded GrowFlare to solve a very simple problem that just affects everybody, which is finding your target accounts is a really, really simple but difficult problem. And the solution we built allows you to find your best target accounts in three seconds,” GrowFlare’s founder and CEO Matt Belkin said in a video released on Terminus’ website.

GrowFlare’s technology harnesses psychographic data about how brands talk about themselves online. “It’s exactly what companies like Spotify do when they recommend new music to you based on your own interests. We’re just recommending new accounts to you based on your account interests,” added Belkin.

GrowFlare’s Founder Matt Belkin will join the Terminus team.

Along with the acquisition, Belkin will join the Terminus team. Belkin previously served as Domo Inc.’s COO and Adobe’s Vice President of Customer Strategy prior to founding GrowFlare.

“GrowFlare adds a highly-differentiated level of account intelligence to the Terminus platform,” said Tim Kopp, Terminus CEO, in a statement. “Now teams can identify best-fit target accounts instantly, leverage unmatched AI and psychographic data to know exactly what to say and when, all while being more budget efficient. This kind of psychographic data has long been used by B2C marketers to profile their future customers and now B2B marketers can as well. This is the modern approach to uncovering target accounts, and accelerates our position as the most intelligent B2B sales and marketing and platform available.”

When asked by Kopp about why this was the right time to join Terminus, Belkin said: “It’s really like chocolate and peanut butter here. Terminus is the category leader in ABM (account-based marketing), the most innovative player in the space, hands down. And from our perspective, we do a great job at helping you quickly find your total relevant universe, align your sales and marketing team around a single vision of who to go after. But Terminus then follows through with what I truly believe is the best-in-class platform for execution.”

“It really couldn’t be a better marriage, and we’re just thrilled to be part of the team.”

2020 has been a year of strategic growth, as the GrowFlare acquisition marks the third for Terminus in the past twelve months. Terminus acquired Atlanta-based Ramble Chat in April and Indianapolis-based Sigstr in December 2019.

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