Marketers Rejoice: Atlanta-based Supercopy Has An AI Writing Tool Creating Better Online Content

Atlanta-based Supercopy has big plans to change the way brands market themselves online. 

Its AI platform is designed to help companies communicate effectively online. Using qualitative and quantitative metrics, Supercopy writes blog and social content, email campaigns, and various new marketing initiatives.

It also helps users hone in on specific audience personas and figure out what content will be most impactful. 

Putting out quality content that resonates with specific audience segments is more important than ever since brands compete for attention on a seemingly ever-expanding number of platforms.

“If you go to a really big corporation’s Instagram, it’s weird because they have 1.5 million followers, but they’ll get something like 30 likes on a post. [Marketing departments] are checking a box, but they aren’t making sure the quality is there,” co-founder and CEO Richard Lee told Hypepotamus. “Like how Grammarly helps people with their grammar, we help people communicate better.” 

Supercopy is going after both business owners and marketing agencies looking for better returns on the online content they create. It has also caught the attention of copywriters trying to keep up with the demands of increased content development. It is not about replacing writers and content developers, says Lee. Instead, he describes Supercopy as something like a “copilot” to marketing teams.


Building B2B In A Downturn 

Lee is a Georgia Tech graduate with a background in network engineering and product design. He ended up in the entrepreneurial space in early 2020. 

Lee has two additional co-founders building out the tech platform. They have onboarded 40 users over the last few months as it builds up to $10,000 MRR. 

Supercopy grew out of Lee and his co-founders previous experiences trying to build better marketing tools for solopreneurs. He jokingly called the team “cockroaches,” adding “we’ve been around for two and an half years and we’ve refused to die. We got offered funding a couple of times already and we said no. We’re going to get our revenue up.” 

Lee said the team will look to raise its first round of institutional funding in 2023 “purely to scale.”

While their current target user base are individual businesses, solopreneurs, and marketing agencies, Lee said the team is slowly onboarding enterprise clients as well. 

While many industry verticals are slowing down growth as economic uncertainty looms, Lee sees Supercopy as a tool to help other companies grow during slowdowns.

“During a downturn, we’ve noticed people are still spending a lot of money on marketing and online communication. We want [Supercopy] to augment people that may not be the best writers. But we also want to improve what copy looks like without [companies] having to hire the most expensive copywriters,” Lee told Hypepotamus. “As long as we’re listening to our customers and making sure that their problems are being solved, we don’t worry about the downturn in the market too much.”