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PPRO, with roots in London and Atlanta, Sees Growth in 2020

by Maija Ehlinger

It has been quite the year for PPRO, the fintech company with roots in London and Atlanta.

Even though international trade and travel look drastically different in 2020, PPRO is helping ecommerce merchants around the globe connect with customers, regardless of their payment method.

While it is common in the States to enter credit card information for an online order, PPRO says that 70% of all consumer transactions around the globe are done through bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-based digital payments and local cards.

PPRO works with e-commerce merchants to integrate various payment methods to ensure funds are processed and customers can be reached on an international level.

Hypepotamus first spoke with PPRO in 2018 as they set up their US headquarters in Atlanta. Since then, the company acquired Latin American payment platform Allpago, closed a $50M round from Springs Capital, Citi Ventures, and HPE Growth, and even grew its team by 25% despite the tumultuous year that has been 2020. 

PPRO also told Hypepotamus that they’ve seen an 85% increase in global transaction volume compared to last year.

For Steve Villegas, VP of Payment Partnerships North America, this growth shows that PPRO has uniquely positioned itself within the global fintech space, especially when it comes to local payment methods (LPMs)

Steve Villegas, VP of Payment Partnerships North America for PPRO

“We are the only provider that solely serves payment service providers rather than directly competing with them for merchants. This, alongside our access to the largest network of LPMs via one single integration, is unique to the FinTech industry,” Villegas told Hypepotamus. 

After the $50 million round, PPRO is actively growing their product to offer more payment offerings around the globe in places like Latin America and Asia Pacific. 

Those who attended this year’s Fintech South virtual conference, PPRO’s global Head of Payment Networks, Kelvin Phua, moderated a panel titled: Payment Methods & Systems in Asia: What Might Surprise You, and Simon Black, PPRO’s CEO, led the session: The Great Digital Shift: X-Border E-Commerce Insights, Local Payment Methods on the Rise

As the fintech industry continues to evolve as COVID shifts international markets and commerce trends, Villegas adds that PPRO is up to the challenges ahead. “Looking ahead towards the end of the year, we are excited to continue expanding our team and enhancing our platform. As a FinTech leader on the cutting edge of payments, we plan to continue to expand our LPM coverage and drive added value for our partners and their merchants. E-commerce is continuing to globalize at a rapid pace, and PPRO is excited to enable our clients to expand into new markets.” 

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