How one Raleigh startup landed half of Fortune 100 companies as clients

Startup may have only got off the ground officially in 2020, but the Raleigh-based team has already garnered an impressive list of clients. 

Half of all Fortune 100 companies, to be exact, are on that list. 

Such record growth comes from the fact that is working on something that is still top of mind for large enterprises: digital transformation.

Digital transformation is thrown around a lot at large corporations that are trying to level up their technology offerings. leverages AI to ensure that companies are able to improve their software capabilities as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

Every company is becoming a software company,” Derek Holt,’s CEO told Hypepotamus. “Without a doubt, every company in the world is looking at: How do I drive more efficiencies? How do I drive more innovation? How do I accelerate my ability to drive solutions into the market?” 

But the problem is that large enterprises come with decades of processes and platforms that don’t necessarily connect easily, but they need to be streamlined and scaled in order to need to be streamlined and scaled. works as an end-to-end AI-powered tool that focuses on the process of building software for the world’s largest organizations, Holt added. The focus is on increasing the volume and speed at which enterprises deliver software. 

Holt said works best with customers that have complex digital transformation needs. Beyond Fortune 100 companies, the team has attracted gaming companies, banks, and insurance companies. 



Holt is no stranger to the startup scene, having previously served as the president and COO of K4Connect and was a founding member of the Startup America. He joined in 2020 as the team’s general manager of intelligent DevOps. 

In a short amount of time, has scaled a global workforce and built out nine offices across North America, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. 

On top of building products, the spends a lot of time building reports around what they are seeing out in the enterprise ecosystem right now. One recent report explored the real security threats that apps experience right now. The report can be read here