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Atlanta Startup Looks To Prove Giving Back Is Good Business Sense

by Maija Ehlinger

The team behind Atlanta-based Givsly sees giving back as a solid business decision. And their platform wants to make that process even easier by being a “Calendly link for donations.” 

That’s how CEO Chad Hickey described Givsly to Hypepotamus. The goal is to drive business connections, increase pipeline and engagement all while donating to charities. Instead of sending branded swag to stakeholders, Givsly users can offer an easier way to donate to a nonprofit that aligns with customer and corporate values.

That might look like sending a Donation Offer link as part of client outreach, client appreciation, or event engagement. Givsly can also be used to incentivize people to download a white paper or other web content, added Hickey. Users might trigger a donation in exchange for a meeting or they might have a donation QR code option set up during a conference.

The platform could also make your next Zoom meeting a bit more impactful. 

Professionals from a range of companies and industries have created links where people can set up meetings with them in exchange for donations to nonprofits of their choosing.

The team said this is a way for marketers to break through email clutter while capturing and nurturing quality business leads. 

“Instead of sending a bottle of wine, we’re seeing people send $100 to World Central Kitchen who is now in Ukraine. So people are using [the platform] in very relevant and timely ways,’ he added. 

Hickey brings his experience in sales leadership to the founding team, along with New York-based co-founders Lotta Lautsuo and Susan Grace and a team of developers in Finland. 

“We always say that social impact is something that you do, it’s an action you take.”

Atlanta is known for spinning up marketing and marketing automation tech success stories, but Givsly’s unique use cases that could make it appealing to a wide range of marketers. The team is currently focused on fundraising in 2022.



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