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Backed By VCs in Atlanta & Silicon Valley, Speedscale is growing its customer-focused test automation platform

by Maija Ehlinger

Speed makes a difference when it comes to building an API test automation company.

Just ask the team behind Atlanta-based Speedscale. “We identified a gap in the market around the speed of application delivery and application quality,” Nate Lee, co-founder of Speedscale, told Hypepotamus.  

Lee is one of three co-founders of Speedscale, including Ken Ahrens and Matthew LeRay. The three reunited after their Georgia Tech days to launch the new startup in early 2020.

Speedscale launched to help dev teams fix application issues before a release. After going through Y Combinator in 2020, the team raised its seed round from Atlanta-based Tech Square Ventures and California-based Sierra Ventures. Ahrens said it was important to have “coast-to-coast coverage” from VCs.  

Speedscale helps validate how cloud-native applications will perform under “production-like workload conditions” and real-world scenarios. The platform can be used by engineers to test API traffic and measure other key performance issues before going live and is designed to scale with the modern demands of software development teams.

Some early customers include Nylas and Digibee, two teams using the Speedscale to validate application performance through Traffic Replay and to mock 3rd party endpoints. 

Ahrens said the team is “continuously in communication with our customers. We’re on Slack with them. We’re familiar with their projects and what they’re trying to get delivered so that we can help them.” 

This is crucial for Speedscale as they develop a platform that helps teams find defects early to help prevent outages down the road.



As the team continues to scale, Lee said they are looking to hire local Atlanta talent to capitalize on “the momentum and breakthroughs” that comes from bouncing ideas off one another in person. Post-COVID, the team will look to open a physical office around the Metro Atlanta area. 

The team brought on its first full-time engineer last November. 

For those looking to join a growing team, Speedscale is actively recruiting Senior Go Developers with the hopes of finding talent in Atlanta.


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