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Atlanta-based Sharecare Takes On Hotel Health As Hospitality Industry Returns To ‘New Normal’

by Maija Ehlinger

It’s been a busy couple of months for Sharecare. As offices looked for ways to navigate ‘return to work’ plans, the Atlanta-based health tech company rolled out the Well-Being@Work program in July to track and implement COVID readiness plans.

Then in September, Sharecare brought healthcare options closer to home through their Alexa app Q&A integration.

Now, the company believes their personalized health technology is key to keeping on-the-go travelers safe as the hospitality industry navigates new re-opening standards.

Forbes Travel Guide Logo

Sharecare announced it will partner with Forbes Travel Guide (FTG), creator of the five-star ranking system for hotels, and the Internova Travel Group to ensure hotels are safely serving new customers with the most up-to-date public health guidelines. Its new health security verification platform will complement Sharecare’s flagship digital health platform.

Internova, a New York-based travel company, announced this week that all 50,000 of their hotels will use Sharecare’s new platform to minimize the risk and impact of acute public health events and validate COVID health and safety protocols.

“Never before have hospitality and healthcare been more inextricably linked – while much of that is grounded in ensuring that the physical environment meets and enforces standards to keep employees and guests safe from COVID-19, we also must ensure we leverage this opportunity to augment health security protocols and virtual care experiences with the standards inherent to excellent service,” said Jeff Arnold, founder and CEO of Sharecare and chairman of Forbes Travel Guide, in a statement.

“This partnership between Sharecare and FTG ideally positions us to help the hospitality industry through this transformative period while also improving the quality of Sharecare’s comprehensive virtual health solutions for every sector, every person.”

You may be familiar with FTG if you’ve ever checked out a hotel’s star rating system before booking. The goal of these partnerships is to quickly scale health and safety protocols to keep both guests and employees healthy. 

Hermann Elger, previously at Baccarat Hotels and Resorts, will also join Sharecare as their president of travel, hospitality, and entertainment, in order to bring the partnership to life. 


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