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Former Facebook Exec Visualizes the Future of Marketing with Atomized

by Kiki Roeder

Atomized will soon be the weapon of choice for brands, marketers and agencies. The Atlanta-based startup, founded by former Facebook executive, Chris Gomersall, streamlines and visualizes content-based campaigns through its omni-channel creative asset management system. Its revolutionary software has earned Atomized partnerships with international brands and $3.5 million in funding.

A Creative Mind

“We are a marketing technology company that offers the first visual content calendar for creative,” said Gomersall in a recent interview with Hypepotamus. “I saw a tremendous need when I was at Moxie for 10 years, where I led a creative team of 80. When I went to Facebook, the fragmentation of media was exploding and so was the inability to collectively view creative. Even at a high level – asking and working with teams at Facebook and Instagram – the tools weren’t there.”

The disorganization of marketing media led to a name and a future – Atomized, which Gomersall developed with permission while still at Facebook. During nights and weekends, he envisioned a platform to help marketers better review their creative work and marketing campaigns. Gomersall translated this side project into the fulltime role of Atomized CEO when he left Facebook in June 2015.

Brand Story

Many organizations already use cloud marketing services, but Atomized sets itself apart through dynamic visuals that allow teams to easily view campaigns across different channels, be they social, TV, outdoor, print, online or digital. With the ability to integrate multiple file formats, Atomized allows teams to compare work to other marketing assets before launch. Users can simply drag and drop images, text, and/or video into the dashboard, which then can be viewed within private or open collaboration calendars.

Atomized is the first of its kind and has the potential to be a game-changer for marketers, who Gomersall said have praised it for improving time efficiency and project management.

“We make painkillers, not vitamins,” said Gomersall. “We’ve had clients call us to say that we have cut 80% of their review time. Talented people can now go back to what they are meant to work on. It’s super easy to use too. Your most junior intern to the most senior CMO can understand it – and better yet, use it.”


Sweet Home Atlanta

Atomized recently raised $2 million from angel investors, including executives at Oracle, Facebook and Twitter. With $3.5 million and counting, Atomized is hiring developers, beefing up special teams, and producing hardware solutions to accompany its software solutions.

“People are moving toward walls of screens,” said Gomersall, who is bringing his product to the physical world with help of CineMassive, an Atlanta-based company that specializes in large, high-resolution touchscreens. “We are building with responsive design in mind and seeing people buy the whole package – the software and the system. There’s a need and people are already investing.”

The future shows incredible promise for Atomized. And Gomersall couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere else: “I left three times for great opportunities elsewhere, but I always come back to Atlanta. I just love it. It has an unwritten quality that you have to experience. There’s something for everyone and anyone can get into it.”

To learn more about Atomized, visit their website, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

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