ATL Native Solves Scheduling | 1 of SE’s Fastest Growing HealthIT Co’s

In any hospital or doctor’s office, sorting out the schedule for every physician, nurse, and all other staff members can be a real nightmare. This burden is exacerbated by unforeseen emergencies and keeping up with the curve balls that come with the medical profession. Most of the nation’s physician work schedules are completed manually and take far too much time. Atlanta-based startup QGenda is solving this pain point with their scheduling solution that makes their schedules more organized and gives physicians much needed flexibility. We recently spoke to QGenda Director of Operations, Brian Akselrad, to get the scoop.

Founded by native Atlantan, Greg Benoit, “QGenda is a fast growing Atlanta-based healthcare software company, with an amazing corporate culture, where we strive to be the best place to be a customer,” explains Akselrad. “Our software is used by thousands of hospital departments around the world to automatically generate the most optimized physician work schedules to accommodate complex business rules and accurately schedule the appropriate medical provider based on their skill level, specialty, availability, and preferences.”

QGenda arose to combat a major pain point routinely experienced by doctors and hospitals across the nation. “Hospital departments and private practices around the world spend from hours to weeks working on manually constructing their physician work schedules, making sure to follow complex business rules while fairly and equitably balancing shifts and calls,” he continues. “QGenda is able to automatically generate a fair and equitable schedule that follows these rules in a matter of seconds to minutes while allowing healthcare providers and hospital staff to spend more time helping their patients.”

The initial idea for QGenda was sparked one summer while Benoit was attending Marist High School in Atlanta. He was approached by a family friend and neighbor to construct the yearly Call Schedule for a local Atlanta anesthesia practice. The friend, knowing Greg’s love for technology, challenged him to generate a fair and equitable Call Schedule for his anesthesia practice. Greg spent all summer working on the schedule and quickly realized that this was no easy feat. The following summer, he was offered the same summer project, but was also asked to help another friend build his radiology practice schedule. When Greg left for college at Miami University in Ohio, he decided to explore a Computer Science degree and by the time he graduated, he was constructing schedules for about five local medical practices. After nearly two years of preparing a minimal viable product, Greg’s 5 customers quickly became 105, all using QGenda’s Fully Web Based Automated Call Scheduling Application. Today, QGenda has evolved into one of the Southeast’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies and provides scheduling solutions to over 1,100 hospital departments and private practices.

To date, QGenda is 100% Bootstrapped and has not taken on any outside investment. As previously mentioned, Benoit was born and raised in Atlanta and despite having customers around the country and world, all of QGenda’s 90 employees are Atlanta based. QGenda recruits heavily from Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, Southern Poly, N. Georgia College and State U, Kennesaw State U and is always hiring top talent. For the latest openings, check out their available positions here.