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Human Comp PhD + Transmedia Specialist Create Alan Turing Game

by Carey Tucker

For far too long, Alan Turing was one of the most famous men you’d never heard of. A brilliant mathematician and a pioneer of computer science, Turing invented the “bombe” in 1940. This innovative machine, considered to be one of the first computers, helped break the German Enigma code and, some say, shortened the Second World War by 2 to 4 years.

Tragically, instead of being celebrated as a hero, Turing was convicted of indecency by the British government for being a homosexual in 1952. His remarkable story recently garnered international attention with last year’s critically acclaimed film, The Imitation Game. In honor of his legacy, Atlanta-based startup ARchimeral is producing an interactive game called ‘The Age of Turing’ and are currently raising money on Kickstarter.

ARchimeral was founded by April Arrglington and José Delgado. “We are excited to produce an interactive game experience that explores the legacy of Alan Turing, the computer science pioneer who created the first functional computer,” says Arrglington. “’The Age of Turing’ game focuses on the progression of artificial intelligence and what would happen once humans start to interact with conscious intelligent machines.”

The Age of Turing

“JD and I are both Alan Turing super fans. We conceived of the idea through a conversation we had a few years back in which we asked ourselves what would happen if Alan Turing had lived a full life instead of dying so unjustly and prematurely,” she recalls. “If he would’ve had a chance to further his work in computer science, we probably would have super fast intelligent machines, advance robotics, and perhaps human-like artificial intelligence by now. This project explores a story universe where modern characters in our present get to explore this world.”

Although originally from the West Coast, both Arrglington and Delgado now reside in Atlanta. April has a unique background in film, publishing, new media, and transmedia. Primarily invested in the relationship between intellectual properties, fandom phenomena and technology convergence, she has served as a digital content strategist for companies such as Pharmavite, New Deal Studios, and Detour Agency. Delgado is working on developing models of attention and prediction in artificial intelligence inspired by neuroscience, and researching emotional and social computation in networks, all while he pursues his Ph.D. in Human Centered Computing in Georgia Tech.

While they recently reached their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, “we are also looking to partner up with open source projects and computer science education initiatives that perhaps are not currently getting the public attention they deserve,” says Arrglington. “We hope to help and promote these partners by highlight their social benefit in and out of game.” They hope to launch ‘The Age of Turing’ by midsummer of this year.

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