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Today Agency Spotter Kicks Off in Boston

by Tricia Whitlock

Long gone are the Mad Men days of courting the few big agencies over a glass (or five) of vodka.  Today the search for an agency with the right skill set and culture requires months of sifting through the thousands to choose from. Agency Spotter is hell bent on changing that.

We caught up with Brian Regienczuk, CEO and Co-founder of Agency Spotter to learn how they are “paring down the search from months to minutes” and hear more about their Boston initiative. 

The Scoop on Agency Spotter: 

  • Their digital platform makes it faster for brands to find and vet agencies (from industrial design to market research firms) via expertise, people, and culture. Brands can search the 3,100 agencies in over 60 countries listed, share their finds with colleagues, read/write reviews, and use LinkedIn to see how they are connected.
  • Co-founded by Brian Regienczuk (previous work in design at Coke, WebMD & Philips Electronics) and Joseph Raccuglia (previously Sr. Mgr of Digital Strategy at American Express)
  • Agency Spotter launched its public beta on November 1st, 2012 and released the full version of the platform on October 1st, 2013 with strong growth across North America and into Europe.
  • Located close to downtown, near Oakland Cemetery. They share space with startups including: CardforCoin, Blue Bottle Coffee and others.
  • The tech tools they use- ruby on rails, flowdock for development, pivotal tracker for operations.
  • Hiring ruby developers & inside sales.

The Wicked Awesome Boston Activation:

  • A focused week-long period of featuring agencies in the Boston area
  • Check out their Boston landing page.
  • Marketers in the city will be able to “Win lunch with the CMO of ZipCar” as part of the launch- pretty cool eh?
  • They have partnered with Ad Club, a marketing association in the region. Ad Club is focused on networking, professional development, advocacy, and diversity at the intersection of branding and technology. 

[Photo Credit: Agency Spotter]

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