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The Ad Club + Agency Spotter Launch API

by Ryan Waller

The Ad Club, a trade association for the New England marketing & communications industry, has recently launched their online Boston agency directory, powered by Atlanta based Agency Spotter. This collaboration makes it easy for association members to start their agency search right from their local professional network within New England.

The agency directory brings the trade association’s member agencies to life, adding to the existing value of membership. Any visitor to The Ad Club’s website can easily search member agencies with a few clicks. Integration with Agency Spotter makes it faster for brands to find and vet agencies (from industrial design to market research firms) via expertise, people, and culture. Brands can search the 3,100 agencies in over 60 countries listed, share their finds with colleagues, read/write reviews, and use LinkedIn to see how they are connected. It also simplifies portfolio management for agencies where one portfolio can now be leveraged across different association memberships.

There are other membership based organizations that any professional association can use; American Marketing AssociationInteractive Advertising Bureau, and Industrial Designers Society of America for example. These groups help promote agencies within their own associations. However, your search for the right firm within these organizations can still take close to six months. In addition to these firms, our program works to put you in touch with agencies within your network that you may not have even known existed. – Brian Regienczuk, CEO/Founder of Agency Spotter

Be sure and check out this video of Kathy Kiely, president of The Ad Club, interviewing Joseph Raccuglia, cofounder and CMO of Agency Spotter on the “Big Orange Couch.”

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