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Battle it Out with Your Buds Using the 1UPd App

by Kristyn Back

Have a mustache Tom Selleck would envy? Or perhaps you’re a globetrotting photog snapping the best earth porn? Whether you’re one or none of these folks but embrace a little friendly competition, 1Upd is right up your alley. The app is the latest in social gaming that allows users to create a new challenge (the more flare the better), invite friends to duke it out, and share across all your favorite social media channels. We recently caught up with Co-Founder & CEO Matt St Louis to find out how you can battle it out with your buds using the 1Upd app.

1UPd is a social gaming app that allows users to create and issue challenges in seconds, invite their friends to compete, and share their experiences across social media. The users challenge rank will be tracked in their profile to show exactly what place they are currently in. Once the challenge clock ticks down to zero, all the votes will be tallied and a challenge champion will be crowned. The app allows people to be creative because anything can be a challenge! If you think you can 1UP the competition or you just enjoy viewing and voting on all the amazing submissions then you will love this app.

What problem is 1UPd solving?
Millions of people are currently creating and participating in “challenges” around the globe and posting their challenges to social media, but challenges are supposed to be a game where there is an actual winner or loser.

There is no tracking involved to truly declare who did something the best or who the masses think had the best submission. Plus there is no centralized platform for people to view all the submissions for a single challenge type and vote.

How did you get the idea?
Like a lot of ideas it spawned from hanging out with friends one night in a bar. We were actually discussing what type of app we could come up with even though neither myself nor my business partner had the coding skills to actually build an app. After bouncing a few ideas back and forth the concept for 1UPd was created. We quickly discussed how it would function and we were instantly super excited about its possibilities. So at that moment we decided to start meeting regularly to map out the entire structure. Even though it was probably a long shot in actually getting it developed.

Create Challenge Screen   Invite 1UPd Friends   Challenge Contest
At the time of conception there weren’t any other similar apps out there. We knew it would be naïve to think we were the only people with this idea. Not to our surprise similar apps have since launched about a few months before we were accepted into the Apple store.

We feel we have competitive advantages in that:

  • Simple and sleek user interface – users can follow simple steps to issue and vote on challenges
  • New features – tracks challenges that you are currently competing in and following
  • Real time scoring allows challenge winners to be declared once the challenge has ended
  • Focus on being a challenge platform not a social media site
  • Roadmap – We know the exact direction we want to take our app over the next 12 months and what features we want to include to create stickiness.

1UPd Inc. raised an initial friends and family round of approximately $30,000. This investment was allocated to the development of the app on the iOS platform and local marketing costs. We are currently seeking additional seed investment to expand user reach and add a fulltime developer to the team.

Revenue Model:
1UPd has several opportunities for revenue outlined below, but they are tied directly to the amount of users engaged on our platform.

Corporate/Sponsor Challenge Strategy
Corporations can issue challenges to 1Upd users. Limit the number of challenges per time period as to not flood the site with too many corporate challenges. Pricing model can be built out several ways.

  • Flat rate for engaging with our members. I.E. $5,000 simply to issue a product challenge on our site.
  • They can issue a challenge and pricing is dependent upon how many members actually accept and complete the challenge. I.E. Coke issues a challenge and 10, 000 members complete the challenge. $1/member completion = $10,000 in revenue.

Retail Partnerships
Retailers will be able to register for a business account that allows them to send notifications to members of 1UPd that are within a selected radius and issue a challenge to all of those that fit the search criteria. I.E. come into ABC bar between 5-7pm to get free drink with the completion of the hot wing challenge. This drives people in the area to visit their locations to complete the challenge and redeem their discount. The challenges can then be posted on our site and a winner is declared. Additional prizes or discounts can be offered to the overall winner. This is a similar strategy that Facebook used in its second year of business. Small retailers paid between $10 – $40/day for “flyers” that targeted an ad to a close range of members.

Traditional Social Media Advertising
Mimic FB advertising strategy. Advertisers pay a per day fee or pay per click fee based upon targeted demographics and daily reach

Market Impact: 
The 1UPd application appeals to a large demographic group. We anticipate the target audience to range in age from 14 – 40 who are actively involved in any or all social media channels; whether it is Facebook, You Tube, or IG. This equates to roughly 2 billion ideal customers worldwide.

How does Atlanta weave into your story?
I was looking for my next career move. Atlanta was a rising tech city with a lot to offer both personally and professionally. I was offered a position with an Atlanta startup MFG.com back in 2004 and have now lived here for the past 11 years and worked for several “startups” as well as developed my own independent venture SnapSurge.

Right now it is myself, my business partner, a contract developer, and an independent technical consultant working for the 1UPd team. If we are fortunate to receive some new capital, we will seek out a full time developer and be ready to add to our team across various departments. Marketing and Accounting to name a few.

Ready for a little battle royale? Download the app here, and follow 1Upd on Twitter.

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About the 1Upd Team

Matt St Louis | Cofounder / CEO

  • Business Degree – Clemson University 95’
  • Founder SnapSurge LLC (2013) – Daily Operations
  • 12 years in sales management & business development for SAAS Companies

Charlie Rigby | Cofounder / President

  • Native Atlantan with 12 years in technology, sales management, & Business Dev.
  • BBA Marketing 2003 Terry College of Business, UGA
  • Volunteers with Atlanta Beltline Partnership, Path Foundation, & Ducks Unlimited

Bowden Kelly | Technical Consultant / Software Engineer

  • Bachelor of Science Georgia Tech University
  • Program Manager – Microsoft Visual Studio

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