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10Rocket: Launch Your Startup in 10 Days

by Ryan Waller

10Rocket aims to be the fastest, most affordable way to get your startup off the ground. They build mobile-ready MVPs (minimum viable products) so startup founders can either start to acquire customers or hunt for funding to take their idea to the next level. 1oRocket was started when founder Chris Turner was working on a startup and was seeking services to have an app made, however no one was willing to work for anything less than $25,000. That’s when he realized that there was a huge need and founded 10Rocket to help fellow founders to get their dream businesses off the ground as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Here’s the scoop:

  • They’ll help you launch your startup in ten days for $5k.
  • What they do over the ten days–
    • Day1: Full consultation + Data Map
    • Day2: User Storyboard + Wire Frames
    • Day3: User login + Core API
    • Day4: Backend Foundation
    • Day5: Backend Deep Dive
    • Day6: Design + Core Feature Demo
    • Day7: Front-End Buildout
    • Day8: Editing day/Last Minute Changes
    • Day9: Final Touches + User Testing
    • Day10: Full Demo + Deployment
  • They are currently located in Atlanta Tech Village.
  • Two examples of their work is WineByOwner & Frankeinstein.

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