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Weekly Update | Startup x Month

by Tricia Whitlock

Week 2 Recap of  Startup x Month

Late last week Hype caught up with Switchyards Founder & Startup x Month CEO, Michael Tavani, to find out about the 2nd week of the Startup x Month project. In the first week a team of nine was formed to build a product to be launched at the end of the month.  The product, named slingput, is a platform where budding innovators can post their nascent ideas to gain support. Tavani describes this “Kickstarter light” type platform as a facilitator of  feedback loops, email signups, and pre-purchase or donation payments.

Read our week one recap and then check out the progress report below to get the scoop as slingput hits the half way mark: 

  • “The project hits at the core of putting a company together with a sense of urgency” – Tavani
  • On Tuesday Aug. 12th the slingput landing page was launched.
  • The big goals for this week are to nail down the market that slingput should focus on and refine the messaging to attract them.
  • The team is also planning to dig deeper into into UI and product building this week.
  • Slingput intends to engage approximately 10 launch teams to set the tone for different possible use cases of the platform. Tavani’s own On Doers video project and Switchyards founders campaign will be two of the 10.
  • A Sept 3rd launch day will coincide with a doers-get-together where slingput’s offerings will be showcased.  If you want to go, sign up here with your name and email address.



[Photo Credit: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2013/08/21/arts/snl-chase/snl-chase-superJumbo.jpg]

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