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Techrides: How An Auto Junkyard Became A Sustainability Goldmine

by Hype Staff

The auto industry is undergoing a shift. Alternative forms of mobility, electric vehicles, the imminence of self-driving and other factors have car companies seeking ways to pivot to continue serving their consumers. But what will happen to businesses that were built to serve the current automobile market?

“How is the future of your business going to change as the industry evolves?” asks Edwin Marcial, host of Techrides, to the CEO sitting next to him in a classic 1981 DeLorian. He is speaking to Ross Kogon, who leads family-owned used automobile business Pull-A-Part.

An over-20-year-old company, Atlanta-based Pull-A-Part transformed the car “junkyard” into a sustainable recycling business. At their locations across the U.S., Pull-A-Part allows used car owners to purchase affordable auto parts while diverting scrap metal, fluids and plastics into the recycling stream. Kogon leads over 500 employees across the business and manages to maintain a strong, consistent culture and commitment to excellence.

Take a trip back in time with Marcial and Kogon in this ride to see a Pull-A-Part lot for yourself and hear how Pull-A-Part sustains its vision and mission in a highly dynamic time.

Watch the rest of the episode here.

This post is sponsored by Techrides, a video series that tells the stories of inspiring technology leaders. Each episode focuses on a technology executive, CEO, CIO or startup founder to discuss technology, innovation, business and entrepreneurship — while also driving a featured car. The series is hosted by Edwin Marcial, former founding CTO of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and startup advisor/investor.

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