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Techrides: Three Crypto-Enthusiasts Enter A Self-Driving Tesla

by Hype Staff

“All the normal types of payments that you can imagine that people do, they do using bitcoin.”

Cryptocurrency is still a mystery to many; blockchain a baffler. To decrypt these topics, Edwin Marcial, host of Techrides, takes a self-driving Tesla ride with three crypto-experts. This episode features Marc Fleury, a pioneer in open source software; Jim Nasr, formerly Chief Software Architect at the CDC and now-VP of Technology of Synchrogenix; and Stephen Pair, co-founder/CEO of BitPay.

Watch the rest of this episode here.

This post is sponsored by Techrides, a video series that tells the stories of inspiring technology leaders. Each episode focuses on a technology executive, CEO, CIO or startup founder to discuss technology, innovation, business and entrepreneurship — while also driving a featured car. The series is hosted by Edwin Marcial, former founding CTO of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and startup advisor/investor.

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