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Startup x Month | The Grand Finale

by Tricia Whitlock

Over the course of the first iteration of Startup x Month we have been checking in with the CEO, Michael Tavani, to find out about the growing pains and successes of the project.  The final product, named slingput, is a platform where budding innovators can post their nascent ideas to gain support. Tavani describes this “Kickstarter light” type platform as a facilitator of  feedback loops, email signups, and pre-purchase or donation payments. Hear Michael talk more about it on BusinessRadioX’s ATL Tech Leaders show.

Read our week one recap, week two recap and week three recap & then check out the final week’s progress report below:

  • There were no in-person meetings in the last week, and the team separately focused on product core functionality
  • The slingput platform has strayed from it’s startup only focus to allow for any idea that “you can rally your friends around”

Today’s launch day will coincide with a doers-get-together where slingput’s offerings will be showcased.  If you want to go, sign up here with your name and email address and we’ll see you there. 

Next Steps:

  • Slingput has engaged launch teams to set the tone for different possible use cases of the platform. Tavani’s own On Doers video project and Switchyards founders campaign will be two of them. Check out the site for the rest and we will be following up as well.
  • Tavani is considering running Startup x Month every other month with slingput as the main focus, delving deeply on its different pain points in each month-long iteration. He plans on making slingput his main startup focus for a while.

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