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These 10 Southern Startups Are Putting Us To Sleep — In A Good Way

by Megan Pearl

We’ve all been there: it can begin as simply as sacrificing one night of sleep to finish a project. Groggy and tired, the next day’s tasks take longer to finish, so you grab another cup of coffee and stay up late again to get it all done. And so the cycle continues.

According to the CDC, insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic showing negative effects that increase mortality risks: everything from increased disease to falling asleep while driving. But if your own untimely death isn’t reason enough to pursue better sleep habits, consider this — it also costs valuable productivity hours and money. In fact, Americans are losing around 1.23 million working days and $411 billion annually to insufficient sleep.

For entrepreneurs and anyone with dreams that require putting in some overtime, this information could be discouraging. Luckily, there are hardworking folks all over the South who seek to make your sleep an easier, more productive endeavor. Rather than tossing and turning, you can make bedtime better by improving your environment. Whether you need a smarter bed, darker room or just to decompress from the day, these 10 southern startups are here to help keep you healthy and productive on the hustle.  

Singular Sleep

First, we should be clear about one thing: if your sleep issues feel like more than issues with the external environment or moderate stress, please consult a doctor. However, if taking the time to go to a physical doctor’s office sounds worse than sleep deprivation, telehealth might be a good first option to try. Singular Sleep is a sleep telemedicine consultation startup based in South Carolina with growing availability around the Southeast. Founded by a Tufts University-trained M.D., Singular Sleep can diagnose your sleep disorder and prescribe treatments like medication and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you get the rest you need.

ReST Bed

If you live your waking life through data-driven decision-making, consider extending the favor to your unconscious self. Initially developed for hospitals, ReSt Bed senses your body weight and can automatically adjust pressure accordingly as you change sleeping positions throughout the night. It also records your data like a wearable would, so you can see if there are any positive or negative patterns in your sleep that you can use to make future slumbers more productive.

Redland Cotton Bedding

From the red soil of northern Alabama to the textile mill used to weave the final products, these sheets are 100 percent made in the South. The Red Land classic sheets have been reverse-engineered from an antique sheet passed through family, and retain a vintage linen look and feel for your sleeping comfort.


This soothing white noise app helps induce and maintain deep sleep. Initially created by a tired new dad looking for relief for his baby, the app has a simple UI and 18 high-quality noise experiences that will help fussy babies and busy adults alike. Whether you’re traveling or have noisy apartment neighbors, white noise can help drown out the distractions for better quality sleep through the night.


C & Co. Lavender Linen Spray

Lavender is the long-touted scent of calm, and this Asheville, NC-made linen spray can give you peace of mind in more ways than one. Founder Christi Apodaca seeks to make skincare and home products that reflect her values and ideals. For her, that means using organic, vegan, cruelty and gluten-free ingredients. Spray the linen spray on your sheets before bed, breath deep and get some good sleep.

SleepSwag Eye Masks

Whether you have bright streetlights peering through your window, phone alerts lighting up your room or you just need to catch some ZZZs during daylight hours, an eye mask can be a real saver. Handmade from sueded silk in Asheville, SleepSwag carefully crafts each mask in a variety of designs.

Golda Kombucha

Research suggests what’s going on in your gut can positively (or negatively!) influence the quality of your sleep, and kombucha teas like those brewed at Golda Kombucha in Atlanta provide live culture probiotics to make sure everything is running right. Golda Kombucha founder Melanie Wade got her recipe from her grandmother, and has been brewing the sparkling fermented tea since college. Now you can find her teas in Kroger and Whole Foods throughout the Southeast, with a tap room coming soon to Atlanta’s West End.

Especially in the South, sometimes it’s just too dang hot to sleep well, but faced with a huge AC bill or bothersome noise from a fan, some may choose to wait out a little bit of heat-induced sleep deprivation until the sweet relief of cooler months arrives. Chilipad, a temperature-sensing mattress pad, can change sleeping lives for the better. Using a water-circulation system, it keeps beds at a cooler temperature of your choice.

Kin Karasu Candles

With wood wicks, essential oils and 100 percent U.S.-grown soybean-derived wax, these East Atlanta poured candles are toxin-free and provide 65-80 hours of burn time. Rid your bedroom of bad smells and bad vibes with the cleansing Amethyst scent and meditate your way to better sleep.

Massage Book

The benefits of massage for stress are widely documented, but finding a masseuse can be a daunting task. Massage Book is an app that lessens the work by consolidating masseuses, pricing, and availability in an easy-to-use app.

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