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Get Your Snack Fix With These 7 Southeastern Snack Startups

by Jasmyne Moody

For some, snacking is just a constant and inevitable part of the day. It keeps up your energy, can help maintain focus, and prevents an inevitable slump during a long workday. And if you stick with snacks on the healthier side, they can be a smart way to make sure that when mealtime does comes around you aren’t overeating. Once you’ve noticed that “I’m starving”, it’s usually already too late.

Don’t let yourself get to the ravenous stage — and support fellow southern entrepreneurs who feel your snack struggles. The South has plenty of snack startups to take care of you in your time of need. From jerky to chewable juice, you’ll be able to graze your way through the day with the snacks we’ve curated just for you.

Amazing Fruit Products

This Alabama-based startup wants to snack you up with delicious, nutritious fruit — that tastes like more fruit! Their baseline product, The Amazin’ Raisin, is more than just a raisin with the catchline “Looks like a raisin, tastes like a…[pineapple, raspberry, orange]”. Children won’t even notice their fruit snacks being replaced by the flavored raisins, and you can pop these little juicy bursts all day long with no guilt.

The New Primal

Protein is proven to keep you full longer. Get your meat snack fix with The New Primal. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, their lineup includes sustainably sourced protein-packed snacks such as meat sticks, jerky, and snack mates. You’ll never find any added hormones or antibiotics in these snacks, and they’re also paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and minimally processed. 

ICONIC Protein

Prefer to sip your snack? New Orleans-based ICONIC has you taken care of. For a perfect on-the-go fix, ICONIC provides GMO, low-sugar, hormone-free protein drinks. You can find flavors to make your mouth water such as Café Au Lait, Chocolate Truffle, and a classic Vanilla Bean.

KNOW Foods

This Atlanta startup is addressing the multi-million dollar market of consumers that want grain-free food of all kinds. Their products include non-GMO, grain/gluten free breads, buns, pastries, and desserts. Skipped breakfast? We recommend a chocolate chip muffin — unlike the traditional offering, they pack fiber and protein into a low-sugar package that still tastes sweet!


There’s a subscription box for just about anything these days, including snacks. For our subscription box lovers, behold SnackSack. SnackSack prides themselves on sending only the healthiest of snacks in your box. Everything is either USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, certified vegan, fair-trade, or gluten-free. 


Chewable juice = Chuice. Atlanta-based Chuice packs a whopping 35+ fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds and nuts into each bottle, but this isn’t just plain juice. Founded by holistic living guru Ladell Hill, Chuice keeps the fruits and veggies inside to make it more filling than the average. This one’s perfect for those of us who often skip meals on accident. Keep your nutrients high and keep the effort low.

Red’s All Natural

When you’re not starving yet, but you need a little more than a small snack, how’s a burrito sound? Red’s All-Natural burritos have only no preservatives and use antibiotic-free meat. This Franklin, Tennessee-based startup provides products to grocery stores all over the country. You can find their locator here.

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