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Where You Need To Be: 5 Big Events Happening In May 2023 For Southeast Startups

by hypepotamus

Bring on the NSYNC memes…it’s gonna be May! 

The month of May is packed with events. As the weather warms up and we head towards summer, entrepreneurs are ready to pitch their ideas and build community. Our full list of events for the month can be found here, but we’ve curated a few unique options that can help you learn, network, and grow: 


If You Want To Get Inspired: TEDxAtlanta 

TEDxAtlanta’s event this year centers on the theme “We Rise.” What happens when you bring primatologists, biomedical researchers, therapists, and mixologists all on one stage? You will want to check out this event in Downtown Atlanta on May 19! 


If You Want To Learn About Music City Tech: Nashville Entrepreneurship Week

From May 2 to May 4, Nashville’s startup leaders are coming together to foster deep relationships and learn from local leaders. Learn about the speakers here and get registered for the event here!


If You Want To Learn From Your PJs: WomenTech Global Conference 

Between May 9th through the 12th, over 100,000 women in over 170 countries will meet virtually as part of WomenTech Global Conference 2023. From Fortune 500 businesses to scaling tech unicorns, you’ll want to join this virtual event! More here


If You Want To Learn What’s Coming To Roads Near You: CO.MOBILITY Summit 

Leaders from the Smart City, EV, and the automotive industry will be gathering in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the inaugural CO.MOBILITY Summit at the campus of the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. From a VentureSouth happy hour to a headline conversation with Steve Case, the CO.MOBILITY Summit will be a fun event for those interested in the future of transportation! 


If You’re Looking For Funding: Accessing Alternative Capital 

Startups spend a lot of time and energy chasing venture capital checks. But are there other options out there for founders looking to scale their ideas? Startup Atlanta, a community non-profit, has put together a panel on alternative funding options out there for tech entrepreneurs. Check out the event here!

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