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TenRocket Academy | Transform Someday-Ideas Into Companies

by Kristyn Back

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to understand the ins and outs of building a startup then look no further. TenRocket Academy is shaking up the traditionally boring PowerPoint presentation and diving into rapid prototyping, execution, and community growth during their 10 week course (you don’t even have to quit your day job… unless you want to). Even though Halloween is over we still have a few treats in store, like a sweet promo code for the course to save you some cash.

What is TenRocket Academy?
TenRocket is a network of unicorns (developer/design hybrids) building web and mobile apps for startups in ten business days for $10k. We’ve built 19 applications in the past year, and every project comes with a 110% money-back guarantee. We take early-stage entrepreneurs from idea to company in ten weeks without quitting their day jobs.

What will attendees get from this new program?
Students can expect a course that’s the opposite of your typical college lecture format. Rather than having lengthy discussions on business theory and brand discovery, class sessions are built on rapid prototyping, execution, and community growth.

Why is there a need for this curriculum?
Most entrepreneurship advice is aimed at growth-stage companies. Early stage entrepreneurs read this advice and think it applies to them. They see an article about the awesome culture at Zappos and think “I really need to focus on my company culture.” Or they read about Slack and think “If I don’t build something that’s beautifully designed, no one will use it.”

The reality is that early-stage companies are vastly different from growth-stage companies. Our goal with TenRocket Academy is to fill the startup education gap and finally provide a learning experience tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs. One focused on customer discovery, rapid prototyping, and initial sales.

What’s the link to Atlanta, how will this impact the ATL startup community?
Atlanta is our home at TenRocket, and the pilot city for TenRocket Academy. We believe strongly in growing the Atlanta startup community and wake up every morning with a hunger to empower local entrepreneurs.

What inspired you to do this?
Our core MVP product at TenRocket has afforded us the opportunity to meet with literally hundreds of early stage entrepreneurs over the past year alone. Those meetings have granted us unique insights into what makes or breaks early stage startups. The most common trend we’ve uncovered is that most early stage founders spend their time building a pretty shell around a company that doesn’t exist. Rather than generating traction or building a prototype, they focus on things like branding, design, and pitch decks. We’re driven to make ideas a reality, and this Academy is specifically designed to change the way startups are created.


  • When: Class begins January 4, 2016. We’re now accepting applications.
  • Cost: $1,000. We’re also offering a Digital Version filmed by Friendly Human with more than 10 hours of content. That is $500. Teams of three co-founders can also sign up for $2,500.
  • Where: Location TBD. Somewhere in Atlanta for sure.
  • Promo Code: HYPE50 (50% off Digital Academy)

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