Tech & Emory Students Launch MedTech Incubator

Georgia Tech students & engineers have teamed up with Emory students & clinicians to launch Forge, a technology incubator with a mission of developing medical entrepreneurs.

The Scoop: 

  • Forge’s Medicine 2.0 event hosted engineering undergraduate and graduate students from Georgia Tech to brainstorm, network, and envision the future of medicine with clinical faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students from the Emory University School of Medicine. More than 100 people attended.
  • Forge has already hosted pitch nights, workshops, and networking events, and is planning its first Healthcare Hackathon for the fall, all with the aim of connecting innovators and clinicians to existing resources.
Interesting Quotes:
“We have incredible clinicians at Emory, brilliant engineers at Tech, and tremendous entrepreneurial resources through VentureLab, the Advanced Technology Development Center, and FlashPoint,” said Erik Reinertsen, an M.D./Ph.D. student at Emory and Tech and managing director of Forge. “Atlanta will be a leader in this space.”

“It’s driven by the graduate and medical students,” said Yogi Patel, a Ph.D. student in bioengineering. “We focus on startups, people, and learning through doing. Our colleagues in Silicon Valley and Boston have helped us understand that people are more important than specific technologies.”

“We hope to instill elements of the Silicon Valley culture into medicine: big vision, pay-it-forward mentorship, and a get-it-done attitude,” said Evan McClure, an Emory M.D./MBA student and Forge director of finance and operations.

Read the whole story from Georgia Tech. 

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