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A Talent Radar for Founders

by Tricia Whitlock

Are you awkward at rubbing elbows? Quit fumbling around for your business card and use CoFoundersLab mobile instead. This real-time, location based, talent discovery tool will help you to efficiently discover fellow entrepreneurs to team up with. You’ll see recommended co-founders, advisers, and interns who are physically located at the same event.

Create a free profile on CoFoundersLab.com  and check out who else is searching for someone like you. Be one of the 25,000 matches already made!

App Highlights:

  • See recommended candidates present at any event based on a proprietary matching algorithm.
  • Drill down into into key information about each candidate in his/her CoFoundersLab profile.
  • “Favorite” candidates, automatically saving them to the CoFounderslab.com web interface.
  • Chat feature to immediately chat with people at larger events.
  • Send messages and add notes to track your most promising candidates, synched with the inbox of the CoFoundersLab.com web interface.

*The free app is currently available for iOS. Stay tuned for the Android version.

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