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New Accelerator Program Launches To Drive 5G Innovation in Georgia

by Maija Ehlinger

T-Mobile, Georgia Tech’s ATDC, and Peachtree Corners Curiosity Lab announced the creation of the 5G Connected Future incubator, which is set to drive the development of 5G-focused startups. 

Betsy Plattenburg, the Lab’s Executive Director, told Hypepotamus that 5G innovation is important for the work at Curiosity Lab because “5G supplies the low-latency and speed needed to support transportation initiatives.”

In a statement, Plattenburg added that T-Mobile and Georgia Tech were “instrumental in the launch of Curiosity Lab and our continued collaboration will create opportunities for the next generation of intelligent mobility and smart city entrepreneurs.”

The incubator will be located on Peachtree Corners’ ‘Living Lab,’ a 500-acre smart city technology park in the northern Atlanta suburbs. The park is already equipped with T-Mobile’s Extended Range 5G and Ultra Capacity 5G,  and has testing facilities for drones, autonomous vehicles, and other robotic designs. 

The rollout of the program is an expansion of the T-Mobile Accelerator launched in Kansas City in 2014. 

The program and the partnership with Georgia Tech’s ATDC are designed specifically to help early-stage startups navigate the emerging world of 5G, the latest standard for broadband cellular networks.

“In addition to the normal startup concerns, entrepreneurs in the 5G space face a unique set of challenges such as regulatory issues at the state and local levels, network security, and integration testing,” said ATDC Director John Avery in a statement about the program’s launch.

Interested startups can apply here

The new accelerator launch comes off the heels of several new developments at Curiosity Lab, including the deployment of a new autonomous vehicle testing program earlier in 2021. 


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