New Tech Opportunities Are Building Inside The Atlanta Blockchain Center

In true startup fashion, entrepreneurs in the Immutable Founders Program are prepared to pitch at a moment’s notice. As soon as they walk through the doors of the Atlanta Blockchain Center for their weekly session, founders are ready to talk what they are building in the Web3, blockchain, and crypto space. 

With just six Atlanta-based founders selected, this Immutable program cohort may seem small. But that size provides opportunity for real conversations. The day Hypepotamus visited, founders were not only refining their pitches, they were getting into the weeds about patents, company assets, and the ins and outs of brand equity. 

Swapping ideas and struggles is a key part of any incubator. But for those in the ever-changing blockchain world, it is crucial. The blockchain ecosystem is in constant flux. Gone are the days when blockchain news was all about the “hype” of Dogecoin, Bored Ape NFTs, and the price of bitcoin. Today, blockchain and Web3 founders are fueling the creator economy, reshaping our media landscape, and looking to refine the future of fintech. And many of the leading edge founders in the space have found their way to the Atlanta Blockchain Center. 


Understanding The Building Blocks 

The Center opened its doors in the summer of 2022. Educating the general public about the opportunities of the emerging technology is key, as the Buckhead location hosts regular events and discussions for those in the ecosystem. 

The Incubator program is one of the crucial ways the center grows the local blockchain talent pool. To date, its Immutable Program has worked with 20 startup founders. One startup, FanFundr, has received investment. But more investment opportunities are on the horizon, says Marlon Williams, founder of the Atlanta Blockchain Center and Starter Labs, a blockchain research and development company in Atlanta.

That could be huge for the city, particularly if global investment dollars into the space bounce back from 2023 lows.

A year and a half into operations, and the Atlanta Blockchain Center has become a central hub for local talent. But the team behind the center isn’t stopping there. In fact, Williams has set a lofty goal: #10in5. The goal is for the city to cement its place as a 10 blockchain innovation hub over the next five years. 

That could help spur new job opportunities as blockchain technology embeds itself more into healthcare, medical, fintech, media, and logistics settings. 

Williams knows there is a lot of work to do to hit that goal. To get there, he told Hypepotamus the city needs “support for crypto at the state government level, a thriving blockchain community, investors who focus on crypto, web3 and blockchain.”

“We are single-handedly addressing all three!” Williams added.