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Coronavirus Startup Survival Story: John O’Bryan of Pronovos Construction Analytics

by Maija Ehlinger

COVID-19 is impacting businesses across the globe, including Southern startups. We want to know how you’re being affected, as a startup founder, employee, investor or general member of the community. We’re publishing selected stories sent directly from you, only making edits where necessary for grammar and formatting, so if you have a story to share, please send it to us through this form. Good luck! 

Today’s story: John O’Bryan, Marketing/Communications for Pronovos Constructions Analytics in Atlanta

For those unfamiliar with Pronovos Construction Analytics, what problem is the company solving, or solution is it providing, specifically?

Commercial construction is a complicated industry with a raft of financial, logistical and operational challenges. Just imagine everything it takes to build a hospital or mixed-use project from the ground up. ProNovos leverages advanced construction data analytics to give contractors actionable intelligence—precisely the information they need to prevent cost overruns, eliminate delays and ramp up project collaboration.

Since the company launched, what have been its biggest accomplishments as far as product and customer acquisition?

pronovosOur client list continues to grow and includes the likes of OTL, McClone Construction, GLY and other local, regional and national construction contracting firms. From a product perspective, we work hand-in-hand with contractors and even academics to innovate and evolve our construction data analytics and project-management platforms based on real-world challenges emerging from the job site to the boardroom. We’ve also streamlined the customer-acquisition process by taking a complex subject (problem & solution) and making it simple to understand and easy to adopt.

Anything else you’d like to add about the growth of Pronovos Construction Analytics, or the current challenges?

In a post-COVID world, a tool like ours will be more important than ever to contractors across the construction industry. Being able to effectively stress test and scenario plan for unforeseen events that could happen on a construction site or within the organization such as Covid-19, bad weather, labor shortages, over and underbilling, and resource tracking has been a strong emphasis with our clients. Giving our clients clean, high quality data consolidated into one central platform is the easy part.

The challenge lies in there’s no “one size fits all” with creating dashboards and reports across the industry, each contractor presents a unique opportunity. We work closely with each prospect and client to create customized dashboards and reports from the data collected in the systems they use. The reporting for a concrete speciality contractor is different than that of a general contractor. Many of the contractors that approach us want us to show them the light with how to best utilize their data.pronovos

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