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Tech Talent South’s Culture & Needs

by Tricia Whitlock

Tech Talent South’s mission is to grow tech talent in the Southeast and empower folks with the skills they need to drive innovation. They work with both children and adults and specialize in beginner-focused programs teaching computer programming, web development, and game development.

A few weeks ago we gave you a rundown of the company, their price of service, and what students get . Check it out, and then continue reading below to learn how Richard Simms & Betsy Hauser Idilbi got the idea to start it, built a hands-on culture, and what they need most right now.

How’d You Get The Idea For It:
We (Richard and Betsy) actually met in a web development class in Chicago. As the only two southerners in the class, we quickly bonded over our love of code, startups, and the South. After seeing what an impact these types of programs were having in California, New York, and Chicago, we were blown away to find that nothing similar existed back home in the South. So, we teamed up with the goal of bringing immersive tech education to the Southeast. With Tech Talent South, our mission is to grow tech talent in the South and empower folks with the skills they need to drive innovation.

What’s Unique About Your Company Culture:
There are a few things that make Tech Talent South unique. First, our phenomenal instructors and our beginner-focused approach really help to break down the barriers and demystify computer programming. During our class, students are blown away by not only how quickly they are able to build these skills and launch tools to the web but also how much fun they’re having along the way. Second, Tech Talent South really strives to go above and beyond with activities outside of the classroom. From touring local companies/startups, going to networking events, bringing in guest speakers, and assigning each student a mentor in the Atlanta tech community, students are able to effectively break into the Atlanta tech scene, get the lay of the land, and make valuable connections along the way. Third, our focus on and knowledge of the Atlanta tech scene really sets us apart. Our alumni network and mentors work in awesome coworking space, at hot startups, at more established companies or web development shops. In addition to skills learned in the classroom, simply being a part of the larger “TTS family” here in Atlanta is a value in itself.

What You Need Most Right Now:
What we need most is the continued support of the Atlanta tech community. We are always looking for great folks to get in the mix as guest speakers or mentors so, if you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to us. Also, if you are looking for talented and passionate web developers for your business, we’d love to introduce you to our rockstar students.


[Photo Credit: Tech Talent South]

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