On the Road to Achieve that Nerdvana

Big Nerd Ranch is holding the kickoff for Swift & iOS 8 Training Roadshow, Oct. 2-3, at the AMA Atlanta Executive Conference Center, before taking their show on the road to six cities across the US and across the pond to London.

There are two classes offered. You can sign up for one or sign up for both.

October 2nd, Level Up to iOS8
If you’re already an iOS developer working in Objective-C, you’ll love spending a day getting hands-on experience with the latest tools, techniques and frameworks. They’ll cover topics from changes in View Controller architecture to debugging to frameworks and extensions.
Note: This class is taught in Objective-C, so students should have some prior experience. But, a lack of fluency in Swift will not be a barrier to getting the most out of the iOS 8 day.

October 3rd, Swift
If you are an iOS developer wanting to get up to speed with Swift, then this is the course for you. We’ll take an in-depth tour of Swift with a series of talks that will demonstrate the similarities and differences between Swift and Objective-C; we’ll also be sure to highlight the additional features that Swift introduces to iOS and Mac development. By the end of the day, students should be able to map familiar concepts in Objective-C to Swift, and will have worked with several examples on their own.

Tip: New students looking to learn Swift should register for a Beginning iOS Bootcamp which now includes Swift materials. They are assuming all students are experienced in Objective-C, iOS and Cocoa.

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