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GT in 2014 “Innovation U” Report

by Tricia Whitlock

Tech is one of 12 U.S. universities cited for their success at creating economic impact through innovation.

Innovation U 2.0 uses case studies to describe innovation-related successes at each university. Georgia Tech is one of only six universities that has been included in both the 2014 and 2002 versions of the report.

Great quotes: 

  • “Georgia Tech – a place that is both theory and science-driven but also a place that has become very good at fostering technological innovation, applications, and knowledge-based enterprise.”
  • “One of the assumptions and themes of this book of cases is that innovation, entrepreneurship, and private sector interest is enhanced when universities do more research and problem-solving in the context of interdisciplinary centers and institutes. Georgia Tech has wholeheartedly embraced that assumption.”
  • “These involvements put Georgia Tech in fairly exclusive company among institutions that are able to launch and maintain these fairly complex partnership relations with other institutions as well as corporate technology leaders.”
  • “Among the cases in this volume, [Georgia Tech’s EI2] is probably the most novel organizational solution to the inherent diversity of activities that fall under the labels of innovation and entrepreneurship, and one that seems to have enough authority to give it a fair trial.”
  • “Technology Square can be seen as an intentional design effort by Georgia Tech to foster inter-sector engagement by creating a mixed-use district,” says the report. “Technology Square is still only 10 years old. It is early and the aspiration is that this area will evolve into a high tech bazaar with a large variety and number of entities involved.”


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