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Free Class | Getting To A Great Startup Exit Using IP And Intangible Assets

by Jasmine Jacobs

Tomorrow General Assembly is offering a free class on Straight Talk about Licensing for Startups, taught by IP guru Jackie Hutter.


Feb 4, 2015 6:30-8pm

650 North Ave NE S-205 (4 doors down from Dancing Goats)
Atlanta , GA 30308

More on the class: Many startup entrepreneurs believe that licensing is a likely exit for a company that is based on a great idea. However, in reality, licensing by startups is actually fairly rare. This class will cut through the hype to show entrepreneurs how and when licensing really happens. Ms. Hutter will also provide an overview of frameworks that are more likely to lead to licensing of startup technology, as well as some “tips and tricks” on how to engage with companies that could become licensees now or in the future.

About Jackie: Ms. Hutter has almost 20 years experience in IP law, innovation and business strategy, and has been globally-recognized by her peers to the elite group of top IP Strategists since 2009. A former top law firm shareholder and senior corporate in-house IP lawyer, for the past 7 years, Ms. Hutter has worked with business and innovation teams at Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies, startups and universities to develop and deploy strategies to that allow her clients to create and realize long term value from all types of intangible assets. Since 2008, she has been blogging at IP Asset Maximizer Blog, and in 2014, she started a regular series for startups here at Hypepotamus.com. Ms. Hutter is also CEO and IP Strategist of Evgentech, an early state startup company that is bringing breakthrough battery charging technology to market. She is passionate about helping startups navigate the complex world of IP and intangible assets and is pleased to share her expertise with Atlanta-based entrepreneurs who wish to learn how to better ensure they will capture the value they deserve from their great business ideas.

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