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Code Kids Rock | Duo Start Scratch Class

by Klaire Wesolowski

Working to reverse the daunting statistics about children’s low exposure to tech and addressing the need for qualified candidates to fill future high tech jobs is no easy task. Lucky for us, Fatimot Ladipo and Kim Walker-Williams are up for the job. They recently launched Code Kids Rock – a provider of technology enrichment courses for kids and we’ve got the scoop:

Mission statement:
Kim: Code Kids Rock will give more kids access to code. We want children from all demographics across the city to get the opportunity to enhance their technology skills
Fatimot: Code Kids Rock was created to tap into kid’s innate tech skills and to help take those innate skills to the next level once they’re exposed to formal technology training.

Classes being offered?
We believe it is important to ground our students with a foundation in basic coding skills. We call it, “The Year of Scratch,” because we will cover the basics and continuously build upon Scratch coding principles to help our children reach the next level.

Class Size:
Class capacity is 60 students

We are still recruiting our teachers. The teachers we recruit will be based on the number of students who register for the class.

Polygon Atlantic Station, 264 19th St NW #2250, Atlanta, GA 30363

$325 plus Early Bird Registration Fee – $50 ($75 after August 10th) for six weeks of class


About Kim:
What’s your current role?
I am a Director of Client Engagement for Anthem Worldwide Advertising, which means I wear many hats including, managing client relationships, creating brand strategies and building new business. I have a consumer insights background, so I get to use my “marketing sociology” skills to create connections between brands and their core consumers.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
I have taken a few great classes at General Assembly here in Atlanta to beef up my Digital and Social Media skills. As a result, I’ve felt more empowered to use some of what I’ve learned in some of my current client engagements. As for my creative skills, I’m great at making good friends with my creative partners to bring great strategy to life (smile).

Next on your list to learn?
I would like to learn code with the kids. We will be immersed in this world and as I continue to leverage digital strategies for my work, I’m finding there is a need to become more technical in order to continue to compete in the marketing world of the future. Big ideas are great, but knowing how to bring them to life would be awesome.

Why the focus on kids in tech?
The statistics are depressing. It seems like all we hear about these days are statistics around what we don’t have in this society. Education is the top priority in my household and I feel that more kids could use opportunities to get a solid education in code and technology as a whole. Recently released stats regarding the quality of K-12 education in Georgia have not significantly improved; we are still at the bottom. That did not make me feel good about the future of our children to be able to compete at the same intellectual level as their global counterparts. But I do feel good about the future of our children with Code Kids Rock in it. Our kids are worth it.

About Fatimot:
What’s your current role?
I am a public policy wonk, which means I read a lot and talk even more about issues surrounding education, healthcare and other social and economic issues.

What are your best technical or creative skills?
My best technical skill is being able to review technical information and translating it into layman’s terms.

Next on your list to learn?
App design. I want to make sure that the phrase “there’s an app for that” stays true.

Why the focus on kids in tech?
In the right environment, with the right resources and with a little nurturing and confidence building, kids exposed to technology can solve the problems and ills of the world.

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