CONTRIBUTOR THOUGHTS: Having Problems Scaling Your SaaS Company? Well, Your Marketing is All Wrong

With the increasing need and desire for SaaS programs in today’s technology world, it’s no wonder people want to get in on this growing industry. However, it’s not an easy or simple road. 

If you aren’t satisfied with how your SaaS platform is performing, there’s a good chance your marketing efforts are off. In this article, we’re going to address some of the most common challenges of marketing SaaS and dive into how you and your team can overcome them. 

Why Your SaaS Marketing Strategy is Ineffective 

Because SaaS platforms are delivered online, you need to not only have a strong foundation in marketing but also adapt your marketing strategy to fit the digital world.

A major problem that we find in the SaaS world is that many of these companies, while tech-savvy, don’t put much effort into marketing. They put too much confidence in their product, and not enough in their branding message. 

One thing to note is that people think they want to buy a service or product, but what they’re really looking to buy is a feeling. This is true for all businesses, regardless of the type. But for some reason, SaaS companies neglect this critical marketing component. 

1. Your Strategy is “Out of Date” 

Technology, with its new updates and latest additions, is constantly evolving. That means the demands of your customers are always changing too. So it’s important to be flexible and responsive to their needs and to convey that in your digital marketing strategy. 

But let’s back up a minute because there’s another critical component. And it’s that many SaaS companies aren’t even doing any marketing. At least, not really. 

2. You Think You’re Marketing Your SaaS, But You’re Really Not 

Not explaining who you are and what you provide is like seeing a wrapped box sitting out on the street with a label that says “buy me”. You have no idea what’s in the box, why you need it, or even how to buy it. Sure, you might get a few random people curious enough to figure it out and buy the box. But they’re probably not going to stick around because they never had a goal in mind or a need fulfilled. 

When potential customers land on your webpage, are they going to feel like their main questions are being answered? Are they going to feel like you have the solutions to solve their biggest problems? Do they feel like you care about them and their needs? And do they feel like they have the information they need to take the next steps? 

These are the questions you must ask yourself. 

3. You’re Scaring Off Potential Customers 

Unless your target audience is a bunch of tech geeks with Computer Science degrees, chances are that the SaaS technology and all of the technical jargon that comes with it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to them. 

In fact, including all the technological details and big fancy words can actually have a negative effect and scare potential customers away. So how do you prevent this? 

Keep Things Simple 

For starters, keep things simple. Avoid big words or uncommon terms. Explain what your platform does for them, not just what the software does. Make it easy for them to understand who you are and what you offer. If they feel like they have to do research, then you’ve already lost the battle. 

Get Specific 

With so many software platforms, how can you know which ones are trustworthy and reliable? 

Saying “we’re the best” is going to convince no one. But something like “Ranked #1 on in xxx category three years in a row” is much more effective. 

Would you feel more confident in a business that told you “we have excellent customer service” or one that offered “24/7 live-chat support with a certified technician”? These are things you should think about when creating a SaaS marketing strategy.

4. You Don’t Understand Your Target Audience 

Ok so maybe you’ve determined there’s nothing wrong with how you explain your program. But are you meeting the needs of your target audience? Are you speaking to the people who are actually looking for what you offer? 

SaaS business offerings, in particular, can get extremely specific. 

Maybe you offer accounting software. Is your target audience going to be accounting firms or other companies that need accounting services? Is your service for corporations or small businesses? What do they need from you the most? 

What are their main concerns? What does their budget look like? You can drill down really far, and whether or not you use that information to tailor your web copy could make or break your conversion rate. 

Some more tips and tricks 

SaaS companies have to work a little harder when it comes to marketing their product because traditional marketing tactics don’t always apply. The good news is there are ways to overcome the challenges and reach your target market effectively. 

Content marketing with an emphasis on video is one of the most successful methods for marketing a SaaS product. You can use explainer videos, customer testimonials, or even create a video series that covers all aspects of your product.

About the author: Atlanta-based Skip Blankley – Founder of Juxt Media & owner at nobox creatives

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