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3 Underrated SEO Strategies to Boost Your Website

by Matt McLean

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), fixing technical blockers on the backend of a website are critical, but there are also controllable strategies on a website that can be improved when it comes to the content. Here are three simple SEO strategies that are extremely underrated and can make a significant impact on your website’s visibility and rankings. 


  1. Conduct Internal Interviews for Website Content

Don’t underestimate the power of interviewing and recording subject matter exports within your own organization to create compelling website content. This works well by interviewing your clients or users. By tapping into the knowledge and expertise of your team members, you can video record unique insights that will ultimately lead to valuable content that not only your website visitors will want to read, but search engines, like Google, love authoritative, trustworthy content that shows your brand’s expertise. 

Once you have the video recording, I like to then use video transcription tools that will transcribe a video into written text within minutes. You can Google this for different tools, but one is Rev.com. The best part is you can transcribe a video for less than $1 in most cases, depending on the length of your video. Now you have both expert style video and copy ready to add to your website and social media efforts to give them a big boost in valuable information. 

These interviews can cover industry trends, frequently asked questions, or expert opinions, providing your audience with valuable information that sets you apart from competitors. Incorporating internal interviews into your content strategy not only enhances your website’s authority, but also increases the likelihood of attracting organic traffic and boosting search engine rankings. 

This idea also works well when you’re struggling to find new topics or ideas to write about…simply pull the information out of the experts themselves. 


  1. Revamp Old Content That Is Underperforming

In the pursuit of creating new content, we often overlook the potential within our existing articles, blog posts, and landing pages. Revamping older content that is underperforming can yield remarkable results. Take the time to assess and update these pieces with fresh information, improved keywords, and updated visuals. 

You can find under performing content using free tools like Google Analytics or Google Search Console. These will show you how many people engaged with your content pages and the opportunities to improve them. 

By breathing new life into your content, you can attract search engine attention, increase user engagement, and even earn high-quality backlinks. Search engines value relevance and freshness, making content revamping an underrated yet highly effective SEO strategy.


  1. Add Internal Links from Relevant Website Pages

Internal linking is a secret weapon in the SEO arsenal that many overlook. After you’ve revamped an underperforming web page, now find other relevant pages on your website that mention that revamped page topic. Find relevant keywords within that page and then add an internal link (hyperlink) pointing back to the newly revamped page. 

The more relevant internal links pointing to a page within your website you want to rank, the better. These internal links not only help search engines understand your website’s structure but also distribute link equity to the revamped page. 

Furthermore, internal links enhance user navigation, encouraging visitors to explore more of your content. By strategically incorporating internal links, you can elevate the visibility and authority of the revamped page, leading to improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.


Don’t Neglect These Simple SEO Strategies 

Harness the power of internal interviews, content revamping, and strategic internal linking to supercharge your SEO efforts. While popular SEO strategies have their place, it’s crucial not to overlook the underrated techniques that can provide a significant boost to your website’s performance. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating these underrated SEO strategies into your marketing efforts to stay ahead of your competitors in the competitive digital landscape. 

About the author: Matt McLean is the founder and CEO of DIGITIC, a digital marketing agency with a core focus on search engine optimization (SEO) helping brands across the country. Matt has spent the past 18 years within an agency environment and began his career on the Corporate side working at the #1 media conglomerate in the world at the time, Time Warner. Matt enjoys leading with education but is also a student of marketing, especially within the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. You can follow him on LinkedIn to learn more or connect to start up a conversation. 



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