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Atlanta’s Boxcar Offices | Small Work Spaces With A Killer View

by Tricia Whitlock

UPDATE: Want to work in one of these Boxcar Offices? Now’s your chance! Sign up HERE

The tiny house movement has been gaining momentum with hipsters and retirees alike. Now the creative classes’ enthusiasm for well built and highly functioning small spaces is trickling into work spaces as refurbished shipping containers. These aren’t your average Boxcar Children dwellings (one shelf, metal floor, straw furniture). The shipping containers are outfitted with dry-wall, hardwood floors, glass partitions, big windows, and a bathroom. The best part?  We have a few in Atlanta and their view is Silverbacks Stadium (where soccer players come to practice at all hours of the day). I don’t know about you, but if I worked there I would spend more time daydreaming about the chances of a slow motion shirts vs. skins game than working through my inbox.

The Man Behind the Spaces

Boris Jerkunica (pictured above), the co-founder of both NetZIP (which spearheaded zip folder technology and pioneered the download market) and Zivva (now Vonage Business Solutions- which spurred the VoIP hosted PBX market), is the man forging the local shipping container office effort. The company, BMarko Structures, offers custom outfitted containers as well as office spaces. They are thinking of adding more shared container office spaces around the stadium. If you’re interested in finding out more let them know.

The Skinny on the Structures 

  • It takes around 3 to 4 weeks to turn a shipping container into a container office.
  • The relocatability and expandability of containers makes them a dynamic environment for companies.
  • Each container is sitting on two I-beams that transfer the load to the concourse of the stadium.
  • Shipping containers are so durable that some people use them as blast-proof shelters/ rooms.
  • Each one of these container offices weights around 18,000 lbs.

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