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Behind the Name: The Collider

by Tricia Whitlock

This month Hypepotamus transitioned its focus solely on storytelling for startups and Collider swooped in to continue providing a physical space to early stage companies in the Biltmore basement. We’ve kept you abreast of how the space will change, but check out our follow up below on the new team and how the name “Collider” was chosen.


Where did the name “Collider” come from?

The name and the concept behind The Collider are simple—we want to go beyond offering a space for people and companies to congregate. We want to force interactions between the resident entrepreneurs, between entrepreneurs and developers, between entrepreneurs and investors and between all of those and the broader community. We believe that by going the extra step of having a strategy for why people should interact, and by being the prime mover behind these interactions, the entire ecosystem will benefit and Atlanta will assume its rightful place as a center of entrepreneurial innovation.


Why do you think this concept will work?

The Team behind the Collider is a result of this type of forced, yet strategic collision. The fusion of a team that consists of a serial tech entrepreneur (James Harris), a mobile product expert (Chidi Afulezi), an entertainment/technology executive (Guy Primus) and, last but not least, a seasoned technology investment professional (Anthony Gee), allows us to see things from a variety of perspectives and bring an array of resources to the proverbial table. The Core team has made investments in companies based in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, and Atlanta—among others, has managed technical teams for Microsoft, Turner, Starbucks and Hollywood superstar Will Smith, has launched some of the most innovative products in the mobile entertainment space and has sold companies to entertainment conglomerates, advertising holding companies and even other startups. We are looking forward to bringing our systematic, strategic approach of forced collisions to Atlanta and to being a source of entrepreneurial energy to Atlanta, the Southeast and the entire country. God bless The Collider and God bless the United States of America!


[Photo Credit: Collider Logo]


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