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Apply | Startup Semester’s 3rd Cohort

by Hunter Rosenblume

Georgia Tech pre­-accelerator program Startup Semester is accepting its third class for the Fall of 2014. 

 “If you’re a GT student tired of reading tech news and shouting “I thought of that!” check us out. Startup Semester is for students who want an honest entrepreneurial experience and ideas they want to make reality.” –Will King, previous leader of Startup Semester

About The Program
Students can apply to the program as individuals or teams. Five total groups will be selected into this highly competitive program. These students will have access to dedicated workspace at GT’s Startup Exchange, professional workshops, and absolutely astounding mentorship from Atlanta’s most successful entrepreneurs. The program will extend throughout the Fall semester and will culminate in an accelerator ­styled demo day.

At the end of the program, Startup Semester will encourage the cohort to, and provide resources for, joining accelerator programs such as YCombinator, TechStars, and Flashpoint.
This program is entirely voluntary and no course credit will be provided. Students enrolled in Startup Semester are looking for resources to make a difference in their community.

Recent Changes
This year the program has changed entirely. In the past it served as a relaxed program for students to learn through experience. As of this semester, it will be transformed into a rigorous boot camp to train young entrepreneurs.

Requirements and Applying
Students must attend Georgia Tech, have a passion for entrepreneurship, and a deep yearning for active learning. Applications are due Sunday, August 24th, at 12:00 AM. Strong applicants will be interviewed by the Directors of the program. The interview will consist of a three minute pitch and a three­ minute Q&A session.

To learn more about this program, please contact
Hunter Rosenblume, Co­Director of Startup Semester Mobile: (516) 244­4385
hrosenblume@gatech.edu startupsemester@gmail.com


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