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1,000 Founders: Check Out What OHUB Is Up To

by Tricia Whitlock

The Opportunity Hub, a coworking space located downtown has launched a crowdfunded capital raise.


The scoop on crowdfunding a capital raise:

  • Their platform of choice is sparkmarket (here’s ohub’s page). Sparkmarket is different from indiegogo and kickstarter because they allow folks to offer ownership stakes in exchange for contribution.
  • Only Georgia and Kansas have legalized investment crowdfunding for businesses to generally solicit investment from non-accredited investors in those states, without having to register the offering. Read more about how this works.


More on OHUB’s initiative: 

  • They are raising a minimum of $50,000 & a maximum of $600,000 US for a total of 20% of the company.
  • The break down- they are offering 6,000 shares of its Class C Units for a purchase price of $100 per Unit, with a minimum investment of $1,000. A limited number of $100 minimum investments will be offered.
  • In addition to receiving equity, investors that invest at least $1,000 will also receive perks.
  • With the money they plan to accomplish- 1) creating a culture of new micro angel investors and venture capitalist 2) accelerate startups and early stage companies 3) create an ecosystem 4) create advocates. More 


[Photo Credit: http://rodneysampson.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/ohub-200-peachtree.jpg]

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