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HBS: 100 Years of Case Method Learning

January 19 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Every HBS alum knows that the Case Method is the core of the HBS pedagogical approach. And everyone who has sat in a chair in any program at HBS knows that participating in a case discussion is the heart of the learning experience everyone shares.  We all remember those amazing discussions about specific cases that were formative in our journeys to become business leaders and shape the organizations we lead.   And we all remember the anxiety waiting for that dreaded day of the “cold call” and the “opportunity” to open the case discussion.  Everyone remembers how we felt both before and after our opening.

So where do cases come from anyway?  Where do these ideas come from?  What is the process by which ideas are selected and developed?  What about your experiences in your career?  Is there a case lurking somewhere in your past?  Want to learn more about how cases are developed and whether your idea has potential?

Join us in a discussion led by Carin Knoop, Executive Director of HBS Case Studies, David Lane, Global Research Group Senior Researcher, Professor Warren F. McFarlan and Professor Joe Bower to learn more about the “black box” that transforms business situations into the learning opportunities that aspiring business leaders experience and how your experience might become one that many will benefit from.